Fantastic Fortunes

You're sure to enjoy having your fortunes revealed at Bay City's premiere place for palm, tarot and astrology entertainment. Appointments are highly recommended. Options include:

Astrology Reading, $30. Where were the planets in the heavens when you took your first breath? Marianna interprets your natal chart and predicts your future. You will need your birth date, time and place.

Followup Readings: $20 after you've already purchased one astrology reading at full price.

Palm Reading, $20. What do the lines in your palm say about you? Marianna will study your palm and share its secrets with you.

Angel Card Reading, $10. What are the Angels and Saints trying to tell you as you travel on your spiritual journey? Marianna uses beautiful oracle cards that are inspiring and upbeat.

Tarot, $20. What could the next week or month bring? Romance, Money or Travel. The celtic cross spread of 10 cards could reveal all

Crystal Ball Reading, $20. Tapping into the psychic realm, our crystal ball reader can see images that could predict your fuiture.

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Fortune Telling Fun & Enlightenment

Private Reading Rooms. Nicely decorated reading rooms help create a mood of mystery and ensure confidentiality for your fortune-telling experience.

Parties & Groups.
Yes we do parties and large events. Gypsies can travel to your party or entertain your group at our unique store.

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Readings are for entertainment only.

Free Will versus What's In the Stars or Cards. All of us have free will. Aside from fun, having your fortune told is food for thought and introspection. It may reveal things about yourself or your life that you might not have considered. But regardless of what's "seen" in the cards, stars, or your palm, it's up to you to make those dreams a reality. Please remember that readings should never be used as a substitute for genuine psychological or medical care, both of which should be provided by a licensed professional in those fields.

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Other times by appointment.


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